Private price list

Clinical Examination (incl. 2 x-rays) £25.00
Emergency Assessment£25.00
Childs Examination £15.00
Small X-ray (per x-ray)£4.50
Medium X-ray (per x-ray)£8.50
Panoral X-ray£25.00
Study Casts (per set)£30.00
Colour Photos (unless copy requested, then £5.00 per photo)Free
Application of Fissure Sealant (per tooth)£15.00
Application of Fluoride£10.00
Scale and Polish £45.00
Splinting of TeethFrom £75.00 To £100.00
Amalgam FillingFrom £30.00 To £55.00
Composite FillingFrom £99.00 To £149.00
Glass Ionomer Filling From £40.00 To £60.00
Pin or Screw Retention£10.00
Temporary Dressing£20.00
Root FillingsFrom £80.00 To £250.00
Porcelain Veneers £300.00
Inlay/OnlayFrom £250.00 To £325.00
CrownsFrom £285.00 To £600.00
Core and PostFrom £45.00 To £75.00
Pin or Screw Retention £20.00
Temporary Crown£25.00
Recement Crown/Inlay/Bridge£25.00
Bridges (per tooth)£325.00
Wing Retainer£90.00
Extractions (simple/surgical) From £75.00 To £120.00
Treatment of Infected Sockets£25.00
Partial Dentures – AcrylicFrom £220.00 To £275.00
Full Dentures – AcrylicUpper or Lower £350.00
Upper and Lower £600.00
Partial Denture – Cobalt Chrome£625.00
Repair Denture £40.00
Reline/Rebase Denture £60.00
Addition of Tooth £40.00
Removable Retainer – Acrylic Resin£85.00
Removable Retainer – Pressure Formed£85.00
Stoning or Smoothing Tooth (per tooth) £10.00
Treatment of Sensitive Dentine/Cementum £25.00
Tooth Whitening (home) per arch £175.00
Tooth Whitening (home) upper and lower arch£295.00
Tooth Whitening paint on£120.00
Tooth Whitening in surgery£475.00
Mouthguard £85.00
Inman orthodontic aligner assessment£100.00
Inman orthodontic aligner treatment£1500.00
InvisalignFrom £3000
Fixed retainer£200.00
Wrinkle relaxing treatmentsFrom £129
Copies of Written Notes£0.00
Copies of X-rays£0.00
Copies of Photos (on photo paper) per photo to cover ink and photo paper
Please make all requests in writing, and allow 1 week for notes to be prepared.