Our treatments

Taking a preventative approach to oral health helps create healthier, happier mouths with fresher, brighter smiles. Our team can help solve those existing niggling problems and put in place the foundations for long-term health and maintenance, helping you smile to with confidence.

Prevention and maintenance

Detailed inspections are vital for your oral health. Regular check-ups and cleaning can be a comfortable and routine part of your oral health schedule and comprehensive advice is offered to help you take care of your mouth in between visits.

General treatments

Regular check-ups and good oral hygiene can help prevent problems with your teeth but, if and when the need arises, you can count on our team to make treatment as comfortable as possible.

Achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene practices is made easy thanks to the help of our hygienists. They offer full cleaning services plus a wealth of additional support, advice and products to help you keep things in good shape at home.

Where needed, general fillings can help to restore the function of your teeth, helping prevent further decay and possible tooth loss. Cosmetic white fillings can also create a natural and attractive appearance which is both hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing. Please talk with your dentist about the options available to you.

Root fillings, where necessary, tackle more progressed decay to help prevent losing a tooth. We perform extractions only when absolutely necessary.

Natural looking teeth

Where treatment is required we can offer tailored treatment plans to fit your personal needs. Cosmetic white fillings can offer a strong and durable option.  If your teeth require a little more work, ceramic crowns and veneers can be used to help you achieve a more natural whiter, brighter and more uniform smile.

Everyone’s needs are different but our range of treatments coupled with experienced hands means that whatever outcome you would like to achieve, we can help you get there.

NHS treatments

NHS dental services are not free for all adult patients.  Depending on what you need to have done, you should only be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it. You will not be charged for individual items within the course of treatment.

There are three standard charges for all NHS dental treatments.

Band 1 course of treatment – £22.70

This covers an examination, diagnosis including x-rays, advice on how to prevent future problems, a scale and polish if needed, and application of fluoride varnish or fissure sealant.

Band 2 course of treatment – £62.10

This covers everything listed in band 1 above, plus any further treatment such as fillings, root canal work or removal of teeth.

Band 3 course of treatment – £269.30

This covers everything listed in bands 1 and 2 above, plus crowns and bridges.

If you have completed one course of treatment but you need another treatment, you do not have to pay again if:

  • you need more treatment within the same or a lower charge band (such as another filling) within two months of completing a course of treatment;
  • you need repair work or a replacement for certain types of restoration within a year of the original work being done.

We can discuss your requirements when you visit the surgery.


Private treatment

We have a range of treatments that are not available on the NHS such as tooth whitening and other cosmetic treatment.  Please talk to your dentist to find out what might be suitable for you.